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Women In Ministry Store

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book 59 weeks.jpg
by Stephanie Marie Atkins
book i am just a voice.png
by Stephanie M. Graham
book 5 smooth stones.png
by Cherita
Weatherspoon &
Rev. Dr. Jacquita
Wright-Henderson, Contributing Author
book miriams mantle.png
by Janine
book a new dawn.jpg
by Dawn S.
The Great Shift Psycho-spiritual Manual for Survival and Transformation in the Trump Era.j
by Rev. Dr. Melinda
Contreras - Byrd
Black Women and Girls Matter  Voices of Resilience, Resistance, and Resolve.png
by Rev. Dr. Melinda
Contreras - Byrd
book saving the lives of black and latinx pastors a self care study.jpg
by Rev. Dr. Melinda
Contreras - Byrd
First District AME WIM Attire
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